Resident Mad Scientist, a Schlock Mercenary book by Howard TaylerLabor Day was not quite as restful as its name implies. I got 3 trouble tickets in quick succession right before lunch. 2 of those tickets were actually another team’s problem. The third was something that I could deal with, but it took an hour or so before I could resolve everything. Note: If you’re going to post stuff on a public website, using a spammy title for your post and typing in ALL CAPS may cause a moderator to flag your post as spam, even if it isn’t spam, just a rant about politics.

Well, other than the trouble tickets, it was a quiet day. I had leftovers for dinner, and petted Moira. She’s dealing reasonably well with the higher temperatures in the condo. I hope they’ll be able to send out a tech and fix the broken fan/whatever reasonably soon.