Tonight, we dine in hell! (Tomorrow, I'm thinking Arby's.)It’s been a semi-eventful day or so. Late Saturday night, something went totally FUBAR in my electrical system, so I woke up on Sunday morning with no power at all. Called SRP (the local evil electrical monopoly), and they said that power was getting to the meter OK, so it totally wasn’t their problem. Then called the HOA, and they had me walk through some diagnostic steps, and then they sent an electrician over.

The problem wasn’t actually anything I could fix, but it was fairly simple: The main breaker for my unit had tripped. This breaker was behind a locked box that I didn’t have the key to. After resetting that breaker and all the little breakers, power started flowing. Mostly. A few minutes after power was restored, something somewhere in the guts of the A/C system went blowenfusen mit poppencorken und spitzensparken. Just wonderful. I found the breaker for that circuit and turned it off. In my future, I see. . . an expensive service call from an HVAC tech.

At least my place is shaded well, so even with no A/C and no fan, it only gets about 85 F in the living room. Even so, I’m probably going to be sleeping on Stephanie’s couch. Moira doesn’t seem to care about the higher temperature; skinny short-haired cats can deal well with heat.