Schlock Mercenary Book 5!Recently, I got Resident Mad Scientist (comic where it starts) in the mail, but it wasn’t until Saturday that I got a chance to open it and read it. Yay! High-tech mercenary mayhem in the future, with talking poop and vast conspiracies. OK, this may not be to everyone’s taste, but I liked it.

Saturday was not that heavy on anything. It was 108 F, so I didn’t really feel like going out and doing anything. I didn’t have enough cheese to make quesadillas; that’s the only reason I went out at all. So that was OK, except then I ran out of salsa on the last quesadilla.

On Wednesday morning, my desktop wouldn’t suspend to RAM. After digging around, I found that one of its disks had had some sort of unhandled error code at 3 am. Since I had less than 10 minutes to catch the bus, I just turned the stupid thing off. When I got back from work, I turned the box back on and manually told it to use the disk that had died again. It’s all worked so far. Sometimes, pieces of hardware just have odd transient failures, and rebooting them actually fixes the problem.