rain in PhoenixWednesday, the big excitement was the injunction against SB1070. Here’s what the local paper had to say about the whole thing. Reading the comments attached to that article may not be the best course of action, though. There are a lot of stupid people on the Internet, and they seem to be louder and more obnoxious on web forums than they are in real life.

It also rained on Wednesday. I got caught in the rain in downtown Phoenix as I was leaving work, and was fairly wet during the bus ride. It was sunny and warm in Tempe, though, so I mostly dried out on the walk back from the bus stop. Weather is pretty patchy during monsoon season.

Went to Steve’s for Rock Band. This featured bacon cheeseburgers and the news that Steve’s moving. He needs a smaller place, and is wondering if a double-wide trailer would be a good buy. A new double-wide is cheaper than my car, you can get high-speed Net in almost all trailer parks, and there are few tornadoes in AZ. That’s up to him to decide though. The only bad spot was that the batteries in the wireless guitar controller failed at about 8:30pm, so we sort of had to pack it in early.