guinea pig with plant in a feng shui poseThis guinea pig agrees: “Inception” is definitely worth seeing. It’s not that often that you see a movie that works as an action movie, a (sort of) love story, and a heist movie. “Inception” fits all of that. Of course, you have to suspend disbelief, but it all works if you do that. I think. I wouldn’t have felt bad paying full price for the movie. I paid a bit extra to see it on the Cine Capri (larger screen, not quite IMAX-size) with Stephanie at the Sunday matinee.

What else. . . Sunday was not that exciting. Grocery shopping and laundry in the morning, whee. Apparently, Nathan’s giving away his old couch. I have no real room in my place for another couch. Otherwise, I’d be on that like a Chihuahua on a strip steak.

Just upgraded to KDE 4.4 on the desktop. There were more than the usual number of weirdnesses with Gentoo’s portage system and that upgrade. I live in the world of odd Linux stuff, where you have to know how to Read The Fine Manual and Search The Fine Web to get everything working properly. It just seems like it should require less effort, typing, and fooling around sometimes, though. At least I know that my laptop does general user tasks about twice as fast when it’s running Linux as when it’s running Windows. The vast majority of the Windows slowdown is because of the company-mandated, completely useless anti-virus program.