there's plenty of room for all God's creatures, right next to the mashed potatoesFriday! Always a good day. Sort of. One machine ate all of its disk space for silly reasons. This was not insanely hard to fix, but it took some time to figure out where everything had gone wrong.

Those of us who went out to lunch took advantage of the cooler weather to walk all the way to the Hero Factory. This was probably a good move. We all got subs made with good ingredients, we didn’t have to walk through blazing heat to do it, and one of the women working behind the counter had some sort of automatic pistol in a holster on her hip. (Most people can openly carry firearms in Arizona; this tends to freak people from California, Chicago, NYC, and Washington DC out.) I didn’t get a chance to ask what make and model the pistol was—though it looked like a compact Glock 9mm. Ah well.

Not much else. Tired tonight. Next week will be interesting because of a bunch of junk that’s happening at work.