dark clouds over downtown PhoenixThursday had a whole bunch of people protesting the (somewhat defanged) enactment of SB1070 near the Capitol. This really didn’t affect us that much, even though a number of people worked from home because they were worried about traffic or stupidity. I didn’t get delayed coming in to work, possibly because I was coming from the east.

Then, later on, a whole bunch of dark clouds came up, and it rained heavily for about 15 minutes before fading back to a drizzle. I got a call from another co-worker around that time. He said, “Leave now if you can! The traffic’s horrible! There are people everywhere!” I left work at the normal time. Traffic downtown was no worse than usual, but I-10 was backed up. Apparently, one of the main streets near my house was flooded or something, and a bunch of traffic lights were out. I was only 10 minutes late getting home.

Got a new hard disk in the mail, but didn’t have time to install it yet. That’ll probably have to wait til the weekend.