Saturday, right before I was going to go to the grocery store, I got a call from work. Something was screwed up. Of course, this particular thing had been screwed up since Thursday, but it wasn’t important enough to get noticed until Saturday. Good grief. So I didn’t get to go to the grocery store.

watching the Diamondbacks lose horriblyThe big excitement, of course, was getting a couple of free tickets to the Diamondbacks game against San Francisco. The tickets were in one of the suites, which was nice. The picture above is roughly what the view looked like from where I was sitting. The game was only marred by the relief pitching giving up 7 runs (sigh), which is sadly typical for the Diamondbacks this year. Ah well. At least it didn’t take forever to get into and out of the stadium, and the food we got was reasonably good even though it was expensive.