OH NOES!Tuesday! Really, though, not that much happened. Had relatively normal work things. It was hot in the afternoon as I waited for the bus.

Trivia: Almost everyone was there. A bunch of people, including Kelli, Patty, and Spencer, are going to Hawaii soon. That’s great for them. Apparently, Patty made a couple of muu-muus for herself and Kelli. Sarah said, “You could write a book called ‘Mimaw and MeiMei’s Muu-Muus’!” which sounded like it could be sort of like “Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie” if done right. And also, Trevor won something like $400 on Mississippi Stud before he left Vegas, which was great for him. However, we were in 3rd place when I left.

The marginal hard disk in my desktop is apparently working fine now. Who knew putting in an extra fan and turning it on could make such a difference?