hamster saying 'I've decided to get in shape. Yes, round is a shape.' Monday, we noticed that the box of chocolate that I’d bought and put on the table for my co-workers was all gone. I don’t know who could’ve eaten it. Wasn’t us. But anyway, the rest of the day was mostly taken up with moving a bunch of stuff from one box to two other boxes. It was more complex than it really should’ve been.

Also, according to Sherry, it’s a lot easier to elope than it is to get married in a traditional ceremony. She’s trying to get a venue and catering set up, and it’s all apparently more hassle than she’d planned on. But anyway.

The AC on the bus going home was only working at half-strength. At least it was partially working. Though it was really humid all day, and partially cloudy, it didn’t rain at all. This annoys everyone.