Tuesday, the last day in Vegas, didn’t actually have that much going on. We had to get to the buffet across the street relatively early, since our tickets were only good until 9:15am. It was almost as good as the Paris buffet, but was much less crowded.

And then it was time to get on a taxi to the airport and go through security, which actually took a lot less time than I thought. So we had some time to hang out in the airport—I know, really exciting. But we played some video poker there. Stephanie said, “Try this machine right here!” So I sat down at it and started playing, and after about 10 minutes, I got four 7s. This put me up $19, so I cashed out. This $19 paid for a box of chocolates for the co-workers, which is all good.

The flight home was fine, as was getting the car out and getting everybody home. Then it was time to deal with all the stuff that had accumulated over the vacation, like laundry.

I didn’t go to trivia that night. Too tired.

Wednesday was a little more subdued than usual at work. Had Rock Band over at Steve’s, with a little change in the menu–barbecue chicken legs instead of burgers. Stephanie came along; it was the first time she’d seen Steve’s house. At least his dogs were friendly and didn’t beg too much. The Lab decided to lick Stephanie’s feet for some reason, which was kind of funny.

Thursday wasn’t all that exciting. Friday, people went out to lunch. That should just about catch everything up. . . .