Monday, Stephanie and I decided to buy an all-day monorail pass in the morning. Getting one of those made it so much easier and faster to go up and down the Strip that I said, “We should’ve gotten a 3-day pass when we got here.” Ah well, save that for the next trip.

large plate of huevos rancherosOn Monday, we all went to the buffet in Paris Las Vegas for a late breakfast. Stephanie and I bought 24-hour passes to a bunch of buffets, since we were going to be there a day longer than everyone else, while everyone else bought just one buffet. They had just about every breakfast food imaginable at this buffet, and it was all pretty good. Scott found out that it is possible to have too much bacon, though. They had a gigantic pile of bacon, and he apparently got too much.

I don’t know that I’d recommend the Paris breakfast buffet though. It was insanely popular, and it took us a long time to get in. Time is precious when you’re on vacation. But anyway, most of us ate ourselves silly there. John said something like “I still don’t want to think about food” 8 hours after leaving the buffet.

We took a few more pictures and said goodbye to everyone else after finishing breakfast. They were all driving back to Phoenix (or Casa Grande). Stephanie and I were flying back, so we spent some time getting tickets to “Zumanity”, walking around, and losing some money at video poker. Stephanie played some of the games in the basement of Excalibur where you could win stuffed animals. She won a stuffed dog by popping balloons. I was unable to win anything by throwing beanbags at wooden blocks. Then we both lost about $10 at video poker.

We went to the buffet at Harrah’s for dinner. That wasn’t bad at all. Then we took the monorail down to the end of the line and watched the early show of “Zumanity”. That was still very entertaining (and totally not G-rated) but I knew most of what was going to happen since I’d seen it last year. We both agreed that “Love” had actually been a better show, even though it had less of a plot.