gigantic sundae at Serendipity 3Vegas on Sunday, we basically all did our own things until lunch. We had lunch at Serendipity 3, a restaurant near Caesars Palace, which had been in some movie or another. The place is famous for desserts, one of which you can see to the left. Nathan ordered that for lunch. It was too big for any one person to finish. In “Nathan vs. Food”, the food won. But whatever. They also had things that weren’t dessert, so Stephanie and I had huevos rancheros for lunch. Everyone else ate large amounts of sugar. There were more pictures of Nathan’s hat.

Lunch eaten, we all went back to the Venetian, where all the other people were staying. We spent some time in the pool. This pool was outside and had been in direct sunlight for some time, so it was way too warm. I said something about putting large chunks of ice in the pool to keep it cooler, and Zach said something about going even further with a “Titanic”-themed pool. Huge chunks of ice, a nearby place where you could rearrange deck chairs, a bar selling themed drinks, and a huge hydraulic lift under the pool that would periodically tilt, sending ice and people everywhere. Would people pay admission to something like that? I don’t know.

We eventually decided to see “The Beatles: Love” by Cirque du Soleil, which was in the Mirage. That was convenient for me since that’s where my room was. And we ended up getting dinner at an Italian place in the Mirage too. I was surprised that it wasn’t very crowded, since the food was good and not insanely expensive.

The show was basically modern dance with trampolines, scenery changes, costumes, and some humor, all set to Beatles music. There wasn’t that much of a plot, but it was well choreographed. Zach was disappointed that there was a scene with police and hippies, and the hippies didn’t get beaten. (The beatings were implied, I think.) Scott got the tickets for us, and he found that they were 35% off, which was nice.

After the show was over, Trevor and Stephanie and I played some video poker. I won about $20, Trevor eventually won about $50, and Stephanie lost about $5. Fairly good night.