VEGAS! I didn’t update this during the trip, mostly because I didn’t want to pay $14.99 per day to get Net access. But anyway, back home, and ready to report.

Stephanie and I flew in on Saturday. There was very little drama and no real hassle involved. We checked in, then got ahold of everyone else. They had plans to meet up at the buffet at Planet Hollywood. Stephanie and I decided to walk there, which was probably a bad idea. It was only about half a mile, but it was A) really hot B) very crowded. But we eventually got to the buffet. This buffet had crab legs that were cooked and split down the middle, which made it much easier to get all the tasty crab meat out. There was a huge line for crab legs though. I ate a bunch of other stuff instead, including a quesadilla, Italian sausage and peppers, broccoli, and fruit.

After we’d eaten, we all decided to wander through the Miracle Mile shops that were near the buffet. We stopped in a hat store, where they had all kinds of hats. Nathan wearing a white fedoraNathan decided he needed a hat. He bought one. This was the result. It looks neat. Someone (not sure who) made a Facebook page for it, which will probably have more fans than it really should very soon.

Then we all walked back to O’Shea’s, where they had cheap blackjack and Mississippi Stud. Nathan, Trevor, and Miguel spent a lot of time playing Mississippi Stud. Stephanie and I played some video poker. I won a few bucks, Stephanie lost a few bucks. Kelli played Casino War, but she didn’t win anything on that. Stephanie and I decided to call it a night fairly early, but everyone else was up until at least 1am.