bunny with Quaker OatsWhatever you do, watch out for the evil bunnies with red eyes. They’ll end up eating all your oatmeal, and nobody wants that.

Tuesday was actually fairly normal at work. Got a few more servers up and running, despite a brain-dead stupid thing that I had to spend an hour writing a workaround for. This will all pay off in the future though.

Trivia: Almost everyone was there, except for Zach, who had to work, and Trevor, who’s in Vegas already. Trevor’s spending at least 4 days there with a friend of his, which should be good for him. Lots of people have plans for Vegas already, including Kelli’s idea of having everyone in her car listen to an iPod playlist composed entirely of 1980s music for 5 hours. (I don’t think this’ll actually happen.) Some people wanted to go to some ice cream shop that’s near Caesars Palace, because that ice cream shop was in some movie. OK. I just want to hang out with people, lose a little money, and see a show or 2. We got 3rd place in trivia, mostly because there were too many questions about obscure pop songs.

The new motherboard I have is apparently incapable of doing suspend-to-RAM with kernel 2.6.34. This is annoying but not fatal. Maybe a kernel update will solve this problem in another month or two.