kitten sitting on lampshadeKittens really know how to party.

Let’s see. . . not a whole lot to report for a non-work Monday. I finally got the new board, CPU, and RAM installed in my desktop box. Now it’s a dual-core Sempron with 2G instead of a single-core Athlon64 with 1G. (Translation for non-techs: it’ll run stuff faster now.) The only real problem that I had is that I can’t seem to get sound out of the onboard sound chip. I fixed this by putting in the really old (10 years) ES1371 PCI sound card, which works like a champ. Sometimes, what you really need is a box of old spare parts.

Not that much else. Went out to dinner at Crazy Buffet with Stephanie. We had a coupon for 15% off. It was OK, but not insanely great.