epic fail: a fail that overflows fail's integer value and wraps right the hell around into winAs usual, July 3 was not that great for computer reliability. An important box fell over at work, so I spent over an hour late last night fooling around with it and everything else that depended on it. At least it took less time and caused less stupidity than last year’s July 3 equipment failure.

So, Sunday, we went to see the D-Backs play the Dodgers. We took the light rail to the game, after some confusion about where the park-and-ride was. The D-Backs lost, but they were playing pretty well up until the 8th inning when the wheels fell off the pitching (again). This is, again, how things go here. Also: We were in the cheap seats. There were a bunch of people being very loud, stupid, and drunk in the seats near us. I hadn’t noticed as much of that in the more expensive seats I’d gotten previously. Maybe the larger crowd led to more people being dumb.

Fireworks tonight at Tempe Town Lake. I got free tickets.Yay!