baseball player getting beaned in the faceSaturday was pretty laid back. I went grocery shopping, which is always fun. A bum approached me while I was getting gas. He said he wanted a fountain drink, so I took him into the gas station, then bought him one. On the way out, he said, “So, let me tell you my story. . . .” “I’ve got to get going,” I replied, then got in my car and drove off. He was hitting someone else up, probably for spare change.

Tomorrow, we’re going to a baseball game at 1pm (D-Backs vs. Dodgers, got cheap tickets) and then to the Tempe fireworks (got free tickets). That should be fun, though the D-Backs will probably find a way to lose. The trivia group is mostly getting together at Nathan’s house, which will be a bit less exciting than last year as there won’t be any fireworks visible from his yard.