Saturday was relatively lazy, though I tried to go up to Scottsdale to get cheap tickets to a string quartet next week. That turned out to be a mistake. There was a culinary festival going on downtown there, so there was no parking available anywhere. So that was sort of a waste of an hour. Guess I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

turtle crossed with disco ballThe 1980s party is tonight. I’m scheduling this entry before going, but there will definitely be a disco ball of some sort there. Stephanie and I ate at a neighborhood Italian place for dinner, which was nice.

Something that happened on Friday that I’d forgotten about until now: That morning, we heard that we could print out a coupon for a free bagel. So some of us did that, and walked a couple of blocks to the bagel store. However, they said, “We can’t accept this coupon. This coupon is only good at corporate stores.” Fail! Sort of. Sherry wanted to get something after being denied a free bagel, so she got a container of bagel holes (like donut holes, but made with different dough.) So whoever put the coupon promotion together for the bagel joint got some additional profit without having to give away any free stuff. Smart. Semi-evil.