coffee cat has run out of buzzLast night, after I’d published the blog entry and gone to bed, I got a call from work. Not a text message, a call. Something was screwed up, and I was supposed to fix it. It wasn’t really all that hard to fix, but it wasn’t fun getting up again when I’d just gone to sleep, and it took more time than it should’ve.

What else. . . trying to see if there’s a way I can get together with some of the old co-workers from the old company soon. We’ll probably end up going to this conveyor-belt sushi joint in Chandler that was pretty good. And after what was probably an enormous amount of bureaucratic frog-walking, Susan has her green card. That must be a relief to her, since she was here on an H1B and therefore vulnerable to losing her job and getting kicked out of the country.

Glad I don’t have to do anything tonight. May watch some of the basketball game, but probably not the whole thing since it doesn’t start until 8:30pm MST (11:30pm EDT). I can’t imagine why they started it so late—the TV ratings will probably suffer terribly since most of the country will be sacked out before halftime.