cat grimacing and saying 'Your job performance is unsatisfactory' Wednesday wasn’t really much like this, but there was a totally bizarre problem that happened around noon. Finally tracked it down to memory running out on one server, which has never happened before. Well, that’s the breaks sometimes.

Then there were a couple of totally predictable SNAFUs, followed by a problem that looks like a piece of hardware that’s working better than it was before, but not working anywhere near 100%. Anyway, it looks like the new stuff is working well enough that we might be able to get rid of some old junk, which will actually help a few things out. I was still too tired to do the usual Wednesday Night Rock. I did too much stuff over the last 5 days, I think.

It’s going to be about 70 F on Thursday, which will be a nice change. It’s almost May, so you expect 90 F weather.