person running a marathon while wearing a costume that makes it look like he's riding a chickenThere are people who run marathons while wearing costumes. I don’t get that, but it can certainly provide amusing pictures.

Sunday, I did laundry and went grocery shopping. Apparently, you can get ground lamb for $7/pound, which seems awfully pricy. Then took Stephanie to the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts to see the Alexander String Quartet. They played three Brahms pieces. That was kind of neat to see even though the theatre was only about 1/3 full. Fewer people go to live classical music now, because it’s just so much cheaper and more convenient to buy a CD.

Going to the Suns game downtown tomorrow. I wonder if the whole wharrgarble storm over the new immigration law will affect the game. Probably not, the protestors tend to converge on the Capitol and the game’s many blocks east. Also trying to figure out some way that Stephanie and I can eat dinner downtown before the game.