Late last night, Nacho canceled. This was actually a bit annoying, but we had a Plan B: I did the driving.  So we were left with just me, Dan, and Zach at the rifle range.  That was fun, though.  I finally got to try out Zach’s M1 carbine, which was kind of fun since it had a Trijicon sight on its rail.  It was fairly accurate and fun to use.  While Dan was firing my .45, he experienced a magazine feed failure that I’ve never seen before.  The round had not fed from the magazine cleanly and was sitting vertically on top of the mag.  It wasn’t a safety hazard, just an extremely weird thing that was hard to reproduce.  Dan said he liked the 10/22 the best, which is understandable given that it’s a rapid-fire low-recoil rifle that’s very easy to use.

I see the Suns lost the game this afternoon, so there will be a game 6.  Darn.