dangerous kung fu kittenFriday was a busy day, mostly because the governor of AZ signed a controversial bill. That caused a whole lot of wharrgarble among a whole bunch of people.

And I was in the thick of it, trying to get a few new machines up and running to handle the increased load. Some people complained. However, the complaints slowed down and then vanished as we added more and more capacity to our server pool. I think we built 6 web servers in 3 hours, which is pretty fast, all things considered. It was a good thing that I’d brought my jacket in to work. One of the KVMs was broken, so I had to go directly in to the server room and stand right under a high-volume air conditioning vent so that I could install the OS and all the basic software onto the new servers.

So I’m sort of tired. But it was a good day, really. I’m going to hit the sack pretty soon, so I’ll be ready for the great rifle range trip with Dan, Nacho, Zach, and Mike tomorrow. Romanian AK-47 goodness for everybody! Or .357 Mag, if that’s more your style.