gray cat caption 'this is why we can't have nice things' Friday, the big excitement was a database upgrade/rejigger that had to be performed at about 3am, and took a lot of time, and caused some dumb problems. I tried to deal with them, and it didn’t quite work right. And then, of course, there were problems with another team and some things that they had to rearrange, and that wasn’t happening for some sort of bureaucratic reason.

At least I got to go out to lunch. Yay for pizza!

And when I got home, I discovered that the splash guard for my shower had broken or failed or something. I had to remove it and attach the spare one. This must be a common problem. Wasn’t tough to fix, just annoying and time-consuming. Had coffee with Stephanie later that night, and after that, I found yet another thing that was wrong with the work database. I went in and fixed it—I sort of had to, though it was relatively late on a Friday night. This is all sort of expected when you do the sysadmin/programming work that I do.