Borg Property Services. Resistance Is FutileThis sign has been up near my bus stop for a long time. I figured I should take a picture of it since anyone who’s seen Star Trek:TNG will immediately think of 3 or 4 silly jokes.

Thursday was quieter than it could’ve been. There were still a couple of stupid problems with network things, followed by what I hope is the last of the RPM problems I have to deal with for a while.

Zach, Teh Nacho, and I are trying to set up some sort of rifle range day, maybe on the 24th. I guess Thunder Dan from upstairs also wants to go, so I included him in the mail. Stephanie apparently does not want to go, which I can see—shooting targets is one of those things that men like much better than women do. Zach is short on .30 carbine ammo, though, so I bought a couple of boxes from the Internet. It should get here by next week.