cat looking on as hedgehog eats cat's food, caption 'wait, what?' Rarely is this question answered. This is sort of what I felt like today, as I got a series of totally unexplainable errors while trying to build an RPM.

Trivia: Just about everyone was there. Apparently, the 1980s party will include a disco ball, as well as a couple of TVs with some 1980s video game consoles hooked up to them. John T didn’t have time to put his costume together, so he’s apparently going as the kid from “A Boy and His Blob”, which is a little out there, but whatever. Zach has two costumes, which seems like overkill, but whatever. And we’re also trying to see about setting up another rifle range day before it gets too dang hot to go out there. Probably not this weekend, but maybe next weekend.