Violinist Neidfyre performs at the Ren FaireThis was actually the last artist or show that we saw at the Ren Fair. Neidfyre here played a number of songs on violin. She also had some audience participation, as she recruited one of us to be a rhythm section and then played a simple polka faster and faster until none of us could keep clapping fast enough for it. She also got each audience member to answer the question “What would you do with a drunken ducky?” and did not like John’s answer of “serve him for dinner with orange sauce”. (“Elect him to the state legislature” would be funny, and probably an improvement over the people now in office, but it doesn’t fit the meter of the song.) She has a thing for ducks, as one of her albums is titled “Adeste Anatinae (O Come all ye Ducks)”.

Monday, I heard about some stupidity that happened on Saturday, when I was far away from all computers. That was probably a good thing. And we got some good news about hardware; they’re supposed to be delivering a big chunk of it to us sometime in the next couple of weeks.

I finally have a Facebook account. I refused to get one for the longest time due to sheer bloody-mindedness. Now, of course, I have no time to mess around with it and figure out all the stuff it can be made to do. Maybe next week.