The Renaissance Fair was pretty neat. However, we saw different shows than last time, and they had a few different performers. We had me, Stephanie, Zach, Sarah, John, and a couple of John’s friends. We ended up seeing Dextre Tripp, the London Broil juggling show, Zilch the TorySteller, and a violinist. They’ll be described in random order in later entries.

Zilch the TorySteller mangles wordsZilch (shown to the left) probably had the most intellectual and literary show at the fair. His show had him telling the tale of Jomeo and Ruliet, where Jomeo was a beenaged toy and Ruliet was a vender tirgin (so she said) but her cousin Tybalt was a gasty nuy who was always farting stights. There were also asides about how it was a bad idea to avoid doing spoonerisms on “Friar Tuck”, “Huck Finn”, and “fitted sheets”, and so many other literary references to other works of fiction that I can’t remember them all. Anyway. It was funny. We liked it.

Most everyone else seemed to want to meet later on at Kelli’s place and play trivia packets late into the night. Stephanie and I didn’t really want to do that, so we bailed early and then went out to dinner. It was still kind of a long day, even though it was fun.