Friday was pretty normal. We ate at the coney island place, and on the way there, we saw a whole bunch of Wrestlemania fans who had gathered outside a hotel because some wrestlers were staying there. Then there was some excitement with a bad regular expression that was horking up a bunch of stuff, but once I’d figured out what was going wrong, it was all good.

Dexter Tripp balancing on a ladder while firecrackers duct-taped to him explode and people throw water balloons at himSaturday, the big excitement will be going to the Ren Faire with Stephanie and a few of the trivia crowd. Zach, Sarah, and John are in, don’t know about anybody else. It should be a good time, since everyone likes performers doing dangerous and interesting stunts.

This story about a “house-sized poop bubble” will satisfy your inner 12-year-old boy.