A more detailed description of Friday: Stephanie and I met downtown at the art museum. We went to the Thai Hut, a former diner now serving Thai food, and had dinner. I had Drunken Noodles, a spicy noodle dish, she had a big bowl of chicken soup with noodles. And then we walked to Roosevelt Street, where they had blocked the whole street off, and there were tons of little stalls selling art and food. All the galleries along that area were open too.

art project in progress, titled something like 'Persistence', by Jen UrsoThis was one of the pieces we saw at the First Friday art walk yesterday. It’s a work in progress, where the artist, Jen Urso, does some pencil sketches throughout the day, then takes stuff she’s drawn previously and either erases it or draws over it in ink. The exhibit had a series of pictures she’s taken depicting the progress of the art. One thing that it’s difficult to see in this picture is that there are words written in places on the picture. This piece was a lot more interesting than the pretty mediocre cellphone picture here shows, actually.

sort of like Frank Lloyd Wright's FallingwaterAnother picture we saw, which reminded Stephanie of Fallingwater.  She wrote me this:  “Trees are the essence of life.  The eyes are tearing water as if in Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterful creation of Fallingwater.  Water is flowing through a wooden, organic structure into the river of dreams.  The sun is in one eye and the stars are in another.  It’s as if elvish nature surrounds you.”

Anyway, Stephanie and I, we get along really well as far as I can tell, and so we’re dating.