owl saying 'you've not seen the last of me!' Tuesday was pretty normal at work, though I went out to lunch. Usually, that’s a Friday thing, but a couple of us hadn’t brought lunch.

Trivia: Everybody except Nathan was there. I gave John T a somewhat late birthday present, the über-cheesy fantasy novel The Mines of Behemoth by Michael Shea. Seriously, it’s ten pounds of cheese in a five-pound sack, but it’s the kind of book John likes. We didn’t win trivia, we got second place, mostly because none of us knew how many touchdown receptions Jerry Rice had in his career. Also, there’s some sort of plan to go to the Renaissance Fair on Saturday, and follow that up with a party with Miguel and some unknown vegans. Of course, we immediately put together a plan to wear leather and bring turducken and Slim Jims to this thing, and ostentatiously eat lots of meat in full view of the vegans. No idea if this’ll be carried out.