Thanks to John S having computer problems, I couldn’t join him virtually for the annual Star Trek Holiday. So we had a brief phone conversation instead before I went out to dinner on Saturday.

huge crowd at the opening game of Arizona Derby Dames seasonAnyway, on Saturday there was a really huge crowd at Arizona Derby Dames Roller Derby. I was there with most of the folks from trivia and some more of John’s friends. There were so many people who wanted to get in that it took over half an hour for us to pick up our tickets at Will Call. I don’t think they anticipated there would be so many people there, as they apologized for the delays several times. Zach and Nathan went to get beer, but they came back and said that the line for beer was even worse than the ticket line.

They started the match around 7pm, when a ton of people were still outside. So instead of playing one bout, then another bout, they played the first half of the first bout, followed by the first half of the second bout, then the second half of the first bout. Confused? Yeah, me too, but that way everyone got to see all the teams.

It’s more interesting than I thought it’d be, actually. The main problem was that the Brutal Beauties were totally overmatched by the Schoolyard Scrappers, and the Runaway Brides were falling behind the Coffin Draggers. It’d be a lot more exciting if the teams were more evenly matched. But there’s a lot of athleticism, skill, speed, and body-checking involved in the sport, and we all cheered when the overmatched teams sent their jammer out and got a few points back. I could see myself going to another match. It’s cheap, different, fun, and the skaters mingle with the fans before and after the bouts.

I couldn’t get much in the way of good pictures from my phone, and should’ve brought my camera. Ah well.

Sunday was much quieter, since I didn’t have anything scheduled. Mostly. I got a helpdesk ticket at about 9:40am, which was odd because the problem was reported at 9:00am, and by the time I had logged in and checked it out, the problem had stopped happening. I hate those kinds of problems.

If you’ve ever wanted to see many images of a nude Barack Obama riding a unicorn, this link will lead you to the right place. It’s Seriously Weird, and also has some pictures of a rabbit with a pancake on its head.