St. Patrick driving the snakes out of IrelandThis continues the St. Paddy’s Day theme, sort of. If snakes said, “Are we there yet?”, then St. Patrick would have had a great motive for getting them our of Ireland.

Thursday was actually a lot less hectic than previous days this week. There was only one minor hassle, relatively easy to fix, but it took a while. Then met Stephanie for coffee and some more work on solar power research and presentation stuff after dinner. Yay for doing something totally unrelated to my usual work, I guess.

Been reading Our Culture, What’s Left of It by Theodore Dalrymple. This is a collection of short essays where the author basically says, “This is what’s wrong with the world today, and all you gosh darn kids get off my lawn.” That’s a bit harsh, but it sums up the author’s attitude. He has some valid points—there’s a lot of stupidity in popular culture, there have to be limits to what people can do and punishments for people who exceed those limits, and the masses are not always right. However, the hostile and aggrieved tone of the essays makes it harder than it should be to focus on those valid points. If you’re spending most of your time bitching about how good it used to be and how terrible it is now, you may be viewing the past through rose-colored glasses and ignoring the good things about the present. Or something like that.