no idea what you're talking about, so here's an elk with a chair on its headWednesday was a lot less hectic than Tuesday, actually. The big problems we’ve had over the last few days look like they’re being caused by stuff that isn’t actually under our control, but another team’s responsibility. This is sort of good and sort of bad at the same time.

Went to the St. Patrick’s Day celebration at Fibber Magee’s in Chandler. They had blocked off the entire parking lot, and there was a beer tent, a food tent, a bunch of tables, and a stage. So a few of us (Steve, Zach, Sarah, John, Nathan, Kelli, and I) hung out for a while eating semi-traditional Irish food and talking. The place was really crowded, though. And while I was trying to talk to everyone and eat dinner, I got one call and 5 or 6 texts. The call was from John S, whom I haven’t heard from in some time. At least none of the texts were from work wanting me to fix anything. That would’ve been difficult since I had to park a long ways away and my computer was in my car.

Anyway: Long night. Maybe less stuff happening tomorrow.