tiny dog in a kiltAnother pic from the Highland Games, this one of a little dog in a kilt. There’s no end to what clothes people will put on their animals. And, of course, there was something apparently really important at work that I didn’t hear about until very late in the afternoon. Well, that’s something I’ll have to fix tomorrow morning.

Trivia on Tuesday had almost all the usual suspects. Plus Stephanie. Yeah, I dragged her along to trivia, which may not have been a great idea, but I did it anyway because I wanted her to meet some of my friends. Ah well, we had a good time and won the competition, at least partially thanks to Kelli knowing what was on George Michael’s T-shirt in the video for “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”. Weird 1980s trivia über alles, I tell you. Zach also wants to go shooting Sunday, to try out his new M1 carbine. I don’t know whether I’ll have time to do that yet. There was a very interesting art jeep parked outside the restaurant when I arrived, and I took a few pictures, but those’ll show up in later entries as it’s late and I’m tired.