tap dancers dancing to 'Everlong' by the Foo FightersHere’s a picture of some tap dancers performing at First Friday. The picture isn’t that great; tiny optics and the lack of a flash caused that.

Monday didn’t start off all that great. My alarm went off for at least an hour before I noticed it, so I was too late to get on the bus. Ah well. I drove in, and remembered why I don’t like driving in. It was raining, which is usually welcome, but rain causes some people here to drive like idiots. Anyway, when I finally got in, I waded through the Augean Stables of my inbox and picked out the important messages. Then I took care of the outstanding problems, fixed yet another problem caused by people sending 2-digit years when we could really use 4-digit years, and troubleshot some more stuff related to a new software package another team wants to use. Pretty normal day, really.

Then after I had eaten dinner, apparently my wallet must’ve hit the “call last contact” button on my phone. I only knew this because Stephanie called me a few minutes later, saying, “You called me, but it was all staticky and you weren’t saying anything.” So then we had an actual conversation, which was nice.