Nice place.  Be a shame if anything happened to it, eh?Saturday didn’t actually have a lot going on. Fuzzball was awake and meowing all day, I got some reading done, and I finally got Teh Nacho’s Christmas gift out. Seriously. I was going to give him an Amazon gift certificate, but I forgot to bring it to the last rifle range day. So I used the gift cert myself, and picked out a couple of things from his wishlist, which means that he’ll be getting them sometime in early February.

What else. . . one thing that I forgot to mention yesterday: While I was waiting for the bus on Friday, there was a guy waiting for the light rail across the street. This guy suddenly started shouting about how “They” were going to drink his blood, and that “it was all bulls**t”. He said that at a fairly high volume 5 or 6 times—I could hear it across a relatively busy street, after all. I didn’t really know how to respond. Dealing with someone who’s probably mentally ill is different from dealing with someone who’s just being an ass but I think I would’ve reacted in a similar fashion if I’d been near the guy instead of across the street.

A woman who was waiting for a bus expressed concern about the crazy guy, then asked if I’d seen the 542 bus. “Nope. I saw the 532 a few minutes ago, but I haven’t seen the 542.” I looked at the bus schedule when I’d gotten home and saw that there isn’t a 542 route in the greater Phoenix metro area. I wonder if she ever got on the right bus.