Moira zonked outWednesday, I worked from home. Mostly because it was time to take Fuzzball to the vet for her yearly checkup. She was really happy about this. Especially since when they drew some blood for routine tests, they had a problem getting enough out of her back leg because she’s so small. However, when she got home, the first thing she did was find her bed and fall asleep for about six hours. Being in a state of high anxiety at the vet’s is obviously very tiring.

Good thing she fell asleep. I spent most of the afternoon dealing with one problem after another. The worst was one of those problems that should absolutely never happen that somehow did, and it messed up almost everything for over an hour and was hard to find. I don’t know what they’re going to say about it on Thursday.

Did the usual Wednesday night Rock Band, though Nathan wasn’t there this time. One of Steve’s sons is doing some sort of science project involving World of Warcraft, artificial life, and game theory for school. I don’t think I ever managed to work playing computer games into a school assignment, but whatever. I guess education marches on.