STOP! Hammer time!Work: Not a whole lot to report, though there are reports of ominous nebulous project requirements that will take plenty of time and effort over the next hill.

Trivia: The big news is that a number of people are planning some sort of 1980s party that’s going to be in April. And it’s going to be a costume party, where you dress up as your favorite 1980s TV or movie character. The women seemed really excited about all this, and had all sorts of ideas about who to dress up as and which music to play. (Yes, “Carry a Laser” is probably on the playlist.) I don’t know. At least I have some time to think of a character to dress up as. I didn’t pay that much attention to pop culture in the 1980s, and probably watched half to a third as much TV as the average kid did during that time. Whatever. At least we won the trivia competition thanks to some lucky guesses.

Wednesday, I’ll be working from home, because I’ve got to take Fuzzball to the vet for her yearly checkup. This should work out OK, but it could take some time and be annoying.