I fits in these pants!Sometimes, you can fits in these pants. Or something like that.

Friday was good, mostly because it was a Friday. There were a few work annoyances. About twice as many people as usual wanted to look at the website throughout the day, which meant I was constantly fiddling with things to make the performance not suck. It was bad enough that I said, “I’m not walking a few blocks away to the good sandwich joint. I’m walking to the cafeteria, because if I get out of the building, something bad will happen while I’m away, and I don’t want to risk that even if I’ll only be gone for 15 minutes.”

It didn’t rain much all day, though there were plenty of clouds. It rained for an hour or so after I’d gotten home and had dinner, but then it let up. Outlying areas of the greater Phoenix metro have had problems—there’s a house that might fall into a wash, for instance—but the central areas have been fairly quiet.