pear pimples for hairy fishnuts!Sometimes, you just have to show off the classic cartoons of the 1980s. “Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnuts”? Genius! (link goes to full cartoon)

Thursday, it was raining almost all day. The greater Phoenix metro area didn’t actually have a lot of problems despite the rain. Well, they canceled incoming flights in the early afternoon, which annoyed everyone. There were more problems up north in the mountains (heavy snow, accidents, stuff like that.) It wasn’t even raining that hard when I got off work. However, there were multiple problems at work with many machines getting overloaded, so I was busy all day putting out fires.

The bus ride home took longer than usual because of traffic, but that was it. I’ve finally finished Brave New World, so I’m through all of the books I got for Christmas. It’s surprising how dated the future depicted in the book seems now. Oh well. The future marches on; slime molds placed on a map of Japan with food placed where all the major cities are can recreate something similar to the Japanese railway network. All hail our new slime mold transportation engineer overlords, or something. Wonder what Huxley would’ve thought of that.