don't mind me, I are a pretty cloudTuesday, the sky was mostly filled with dark clouds, and it rained off and on for most of the afternoon and evening. This is actually a good thing. There was a lot of water on the main streets while I was driving to trivia, which is also not that surprising.

Trivia: It was a little less crowded than usual, probably thanks to the rain. We ended up getting second place. The questions on 1980s music and “Office Space” helped us quite a bit. Nathan brought cake, as a sort-of belated celebration of Trevor’s birthday. I heard about Zach and Sarah’s adventures snow camping, which were pretty normal (cold feet) except for when their friend Steve cut himself while trying to start a fire using a block of magnesium and a sharp knife. One of Kelli’s friends was doing some sort of scented candle party where people were supposed to come over to her house and buy products out of some catalog. “This illustrated a major difference between men and women: No man would invite other men to his house and attempt to sell them accessories,” Zach said. “It’s all about the product. What if you were selling reloaded .380 ACP, or reloaded .357 Magnum?” I countered. I still don’t think there will be a great demand among men for “home reloading parties”, though I could be wrong.