owl saying 'its poop' Thursday had a whole bunch of stuff going on. Database problems, some miscommunication involving an old piece of code, and Moira throwing up. While I was trying to get out the door (about 5 minutes late), Moira barfed. By the time I’d cleaned that up, I was too late to get on the regular bus. So I had to take the late bus. Grr. And then the database boxes had a cow at about 10:30, for no reason, and I had to deal with that. Oh well. At least there was beef stroganoff in the cafeteria, which was pretty good.

I’ve been reading The Impossible Bird while on the bus. It’s different the second time around, since I already know the plot and theme. I don’t know if the book could be turned into a movie or put on “Oprah”, though, since it’s complicated, prickly, and not particularly family-friendly or action-packed. This means that a lot of people will never be exposed to the ideas in the book, which is kind of sad, since it raises a lot of useful and important questions. Could humanity deal with a reality that neither want nor fear, and unlimited possibilities? If people had such a reality, would they screw it up? What if the members of a dysfunctional family were told the truth about everything they’re doing? The answers reached are probably unsatisfactory. But the author is trying to imagine what we might be able to achieve hundreds of years from now, assuming human nature remains constant. It’s too bad the book will probably be forgotten by everyone, since it’s not famous and has never had a marketing campaign. Oh well.