I are serious cat, this is serious thread“Fuzzball theory” is a serious physics concept, not something some joker made up. Fuzzball was not impressed by this, though.

Trivia: We had almost everyone, and we won, probably because we didn’t divide up into 2 teams.  Apparently, the Jeep that Zach bought has 5 or 6 mechanical problems of varying severity, and he’s planning to take that Jeep camping up in the mountains this weekend. He’s confident he’ll be able to fix them all before going since he doesn’t have to go to work on Thursday. OK then.

Spencer said that the bonus question at the end of trivia should be called “menopause”, and he said it should be called that “. . .because all the periods are over!”  We did not throw things at Spencer for this horrible pun.  Maybe we should’ve.