bunny with pancakeWednesday was pretty quiet. Part of it went like this: “Why isn’t the updated package showing up? OK, I’ll wait 15 minutes. It’s still not showing up. Wait. . . The base repository link is pointing to the wrong place. Sigh. OK, everything should start updating Real Soon Now. . . .”

Steve’s still in New York. I forgot about that, and drove all the way over to Chandler for the usual Wednesday night get-together. Oh well, it didn’t waste that much time, and Fuzzball was happy that I got back early.

I’ve been reading a book of critical essays on Moby-Dick while riding the bus. This has been sort of interesting, although too many of the critics seem to want to build huge hypothetical constructs, paradigms, and whatever out of very minor sentences in the novel. I guess this is one of the problems with literary analysis—sometimes, really small things are significant, and sometimes they aren’t. One critic said that everything Ahab says or does is intended as an act of defiance against {God, the Universe, Moby Dick, insert demiurge here}. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it’s interesting to think about.