otter chewing on marrow boneHere we see an otter chewing on a marrow bone. Otters, like ferrets, have to chew on things to keep their teeth in shape. Bones also occupy the otters for hours at a time, so they have less time to escape or be destructive.

Work: Not much that was noteworthy, though we heard about a website (or segment of a website, or segment of a TV show?) that another division was going to launch that had a truly unfortunate name. You’d think that they’d run every potential name through a bunch of junior high students, but they didn’t do that. Oh well, it added much more hilarity than it should’ve to our afternoon meeting.

Trivia: We had too many people to all be on one team. So the core group (minus Spencer, Patty, and Trevor) was one team, while Kelli’s parents, Kelli’s sister, and their friends were another team. They won. We didn’t even place, mostly because we screwed up the bonus question and another question about “The Wedding Crashers”. And Zach apparently bought a late 1980s Jeep, for use while camping and going out into rough terrain. He threatened to trade in that Jeep for a postal Jeep, but his wife said, “Oh @#$% NO!” to that. All righty then.