squirrel monkey in treeHere’s a squirrel monkey in the Phoenix Zoo. In the exhibit where they have these monkeys, there are no bars or walls between the visitors and the monkeys. The monkeys don’t appear that interested in people, and almost never try to interact with the visitors. It’s interesting that Phoenix has the only exhibit like that in the USA.

Monday had work (BOOOO!) Well, getting up early wasn’t fun, and wading through the Augean Stables that my work e-mail had turned into wasn’t fun either. But I got through it and got some actual productive stuff done. A 3rd-party provider had changed a data file format without telling us, so that was good for wasting half an hour figuring out what they’d done. But anyway, it all worked. Had lunch with Alex, who was still in town. Apparently, his work may be sending him to Sweden for a week this year. That could be interesting, provided they sent him in July and not December.