longcat 2.0, now with added supportLongcat 2! OK, this is just silly.

Saturday, John S and I went out to the rifle range and tried out my new .45, even though we didn’t have that much ammo for it. It kicked a bit more than Jason’s .45, but was not that bad. John said that it kicked a bit more than the .45 he’d previously fired. “Not surprising if that other .45 was military issue. Mine’s a polymer frame and the other one almost certainly had a metal frame.”

Then we went back home, and then it was time for me to put a suit and tie on and go see all the local friends for a fancy dinner. Of course, I got the address wrong, couldn’t find the place, and had to call for directions. So I was a bit late. Oh well. It was “family style”, where we all sat down at a big table, and they brought out large plates of various dishes. For appetizers, we had stuffed mushrooms, salad, and fancy mozzerella sticks. For entrees, we had some sort of beef dish with noodles, chicken marsala, ravioli, and gnocchi. For dessert, they brought out cheesecake and tiramisu. People said the desserts were really good.

John T. wanted to know if it was possible to build a railgun that launched Nerf projectiles. “What would probably happen is that the Nerf around the steel projectile would act like a sabot, and would fall off right after the projectile left the gun,” Zach said. “So you’re saying it would still be totally awesome?” John replied. And apparently SteveDave really, really, really likes Ikea. So much so that he and Jen were going to go there right after dinner, since they’re open until 9pm on Saturday. OK then. I was tired, so I went home, even though there were plans to get together at Kelli’s house.