But where will we go, and what will we find?Last day of 2009. The picture sort of sums it all up. There’s a lot out there that we don’t know, and we may be facing it much like these cats.

For lunch, John and I checked out a local Mexican place that’s not insanely far away and got good reviews. Service was quick, the salsa was good, and the combination plate I got was a study in contrasts. The tamale was excellent. The enchilada was really good, but it was about half the size that enchiladas usually are, and I was disappointed that it wasn’t larger. The taco was unevenly cooked and somewhat flavorless. Anyhow. Casa Reynoso, definitely worth eating there since one less-than-perfect taco shouldn’t condemn a whole restaurant.

John and I went to the Yucca Tap Room and hung out for a few hours on New Year’s Eve. It was pretty cool, though only one of the bands that was playing was really any good. From what I saw, it was an OK place to hang out.

I saw this article at random today, but it has nothing to do with shooting pepperoni with lasers. Darn.